Who we are
The company history and management

King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd. is a company with over 40 years of experiences in the specialized thermoforming plastic industry. We are headquartered in Taichung, Taiwan, and we are a second generation family run business which believes client satisfaction should be our top priority in all our efforts.

Industry certifications

King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd. was CERTIFICATED as ISO9001 in 2006, ISO 22000, ISO 14001 and HACCP in the following years. To ensure our quality level, ISO quality control steps are followed in all aspects of production. We maintain a modern, safe and clean environment in all aspects of our production.

Materials and Inventory

King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd. supplies products in wide range of quality materials in stock including PS, PET, PP, OPS and the latest PLA.
In addition to offering many different colors of PS, PP and PET materials, we provide complete client service from initial design, tooling development to thermoforming.
Our in-stock material offerings range in thickness from 0.09 ~ 3.00mm as part of our Specialized Service!

The Quality Advantages of King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd.

King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd. offers very competitive prices.
Our prices include our commitments to Client Satisfaction at each step of production.
King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd., supplies the quality and quantities you need when you need them.
We also recognize the importance of a negotiable minimum order quantity (MOQ) –
we will work with our clients to assure their satisfaction in all job sizes.
King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd., carries stock of popular material sizes and colors to provide a quick response to client needs.
Our more than 25 production lines provide better lead-times to meet customer needs.

Fast Quality service is always the aim of our business

To stay even more competitive, King Ether International Plastic Co., Ltd. is constantly introducing new products and new equipment. We stay ahead in technology. Our focus has always been quality products, complete and better client service, on time delivery and building a mutually beneficial relationship with you, our client.
We are not only the main source of packaging and container providing services to major food brand companies, but also serve to big wholesalers, convenience stores and big food companies, major electronics retailers and all the other tray exporters.
Additionally our products have been sold to many countries worldwide, such as the U.K., New Zealand, Canada, the U.S. and the Middle East. We provide lots of international plastic cup layouts for you to choose from, and definitely the customization is our prestige which stands for our promise to design your products well in very limited time and save plenty of time for your package design budget.
We hold the key to your trustworthiness because we are the experts in assisting you to launch your new products on time.

Please visit us! And experience the KING ETHER’s difference!